Automated Mechanical Screening Systems

Haigh provide a specialist range of screens ideally suited to small water treatment applications, supported by a full project design service and comprehensive after sales support.

ACE Screener

Haigh’s range of ACE Screeners® cover inlet flows from 0-100 l/s per unit. They are specifcally designed for use in waste water and sewage treatment works. Installation flexibility is a key attribute, allowing project designers to use an ACE Screener® in virtually any situation, including retrofit into existing civil structures, new build channels, or as pipeline sections.

Reliable Screening from 2 l/s to 100 l/s

  • 2mm, 3mm, 6mm 2D screening
  • Tested and Certified at N.S.E.F.
  • Duty or Duty / Assist configurations
  • In-channel or prefabricated systems

Thousands of installations in the UK and Ireland, as a core proven framework solution for UK Water PLC's

  • Class Leading SCR: 94% (2mm), 86% (3mm) 64%(6mm)
  • No Washwater supply required
  • Low installed head-loss
  • Low Power consumption
  • Simple Maintenance procedures

Models available: 290 / 490 / 590 / 740 / 491 / 591 / 741 / 991.

ACE Bar Screen

For channel or pipeline mounting coarse screening and automatic removal of solids from flow above bar spacing size (typically 6-10mm) in one dimension.

  • Designed for installation in concrete channels or pipelines built for maximum durability and reliability
  • Solids are captured on a series of bars spaced equally across the unit. A semi rotary arm with teeth engages with the bars and rakes the solids into a hopper on the back of the unit.
  • A macerating pump, mounted on the hopper, is then used to transfer the solids to the required location, usually a dewaterer.
  • The output from the Coarse Screen is thus prepared for further processing with reduced risk of the bulk material in the flow interfering with additional process equipment.

ACE Band Screen

Reliable Fine-Screening of Waste Water up to 300 l/s

  • 2mm, 3mm, 6mm 2D screen
  • Tested and Certified at N.S.E.F.
  • Duty or Duty / Assist screen configurations
  • In-channel or prefabricated screening systems
  • Variable installed Screen height

Key Features

  • Class Leading Screen Capture Ratio: 79%(6mm)
  • Not susceptible to screenings 'carry over'
  • Innovative integrated 'Deluge' wash system
  • Low Power consumption
  • Replace all bandscreen plates individually in

ACE Band Screen

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ACE Sludge Screener

Combined screen and screenings handling system for septic waste, primary sludge and imported sludges.

The ACE Sludge Screener consists of a rotary arm with tines that engage in bars equally spaced across the body of the screen. Screened effluent flows from the back of the screen and out of the unit for further processing. Screenings removed by the screen are delivered into a hopper with a powerful mounted macerating pump to condition the screenings and transfer them to a centrifugal dewaterer and compactor. These components are built onto a common skid with control panel providing a plug and play solution, requiring only inlet/outlet connections and a power supply.

  • Sludge flows of up to 25 l/s
  • Robust design for reliable performance
  • Plug and play solution for simple installation
  • No wash water required, except on applications where very concentrated screenings are present
  • Stainless steel fabrications
  • Modular design allowing for ease of maintenance
  • Enclosed covers means low odour emissions.

ACE Sludge Screener

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