Screening Handling

Screening Handling from Haigh

ACE Package

Proven Screening Handling Equipment

ACE Packages™ treat wastewater screenings from screens of any size and manufacture. ACE Packages™ process screenings from raw sewage screens efficiently and effectively. The process takes raw screenings from the screen launder flow, washes and separates the faecal matter and compacts the remaining screenings as a clean dry product ready for disposal as ‘ACE Screenings’.

  • Greatly reduce landfill & transportation
  • Greatly reduce odour
  • Return Organics to the flow
  • Flexible configurations
  • Options suitable for any sized S.T.W.
  • Hundreds of installations in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia giving lasting cost benefits to customers over time
  • 94% volume reduction
  • 40%+ dryness
  • Innovative DT tank system
  • Proven Integrated Lisep / Lipactors
  • Built in grit protection
  • Simple maintenance procedures

ACE Brush De-waterer

Fine screening for automatic removal of liquid from screenings, allowing the dewatered screenings to be removed from site in a straightforward and controlled manner.

  • Suitable for flexible installation.
  • Solids are captured on a screen plate with perforated holes while the screen is 'parked' in a stationary configuration.
  • A semi rotary brush then intermittently sweeps off the screen plate, brushing the solids into a hopper on the back of the unit.
  • Low power consumption
  • Infrequent operation process control ensures reliabilty and  efficiency

Organic materials are not re-introduced into the flow, suiting certain particular process methodologies

The plate perforations can be suited to match the process requirements, but typically 2mm is seen as being an effective level for dewatering.

ACE Brush De-waterer

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Lisep De-watering Unit

The Lisep unit provides high perfomance, reliable dewatering and integrated compaction, ideal for screenings handling.

  • Clean screenings and low odour
  • Low power usage
  • Robust, compact design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Thousands of units operating around the UK and worldwide
  • Discharge to Skip, Carryskip or Wheelie-bin
  • Allows flexibility of road layout on site for collections
  • High compaction performance
  • Organics returned to the flow

With capacities suited from low population sites right up to operational installations on some of the worlds largest treatment works, multiple units can also provide additional levels of redundancy and flexibility for your project.

Lisep De-watering Unit

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