High Performance Wet Process Maceration

Haigh provide a wide range of wet process macerators and macerating pumps.

Suited for applications which require the particle size to be controlled to a specific dimension once it has been macerated, Haigh macerators are designed and built to the highest levels for reliability and performance.

The differing types allow for a varied range of environments, applications and capacities.


The Macipump range of macerators with integrated pumping capability provide a unique, high performance solution for pumping solids in a flow

  • Maximum pumping head 10 m
  • Maximum flow rate 25 l/s per unit
  • Maximum solids content 10m3 per hour per unit
  • Drives from 2.2kW to 15kW

The macipump delivers a number of unique features

  • Controlled output particle size down to 2mm
  • Storm system for high solid load scenarios
  • Self compensating cutting system
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Tool steel / tungsten carbide cutting system
  • Suitable for Sewage, Screenings, Sludge and a wide range of Biomass inputs
  • Tens of Thousands of units installed worldwide

Pipeliner Macerator

The Haigh Pipelinerâ„¢ range provides a reliable, straightforward system for disintegration, maceration or conditioning of solids in flow.

Suitable for maceration of

  • Sewage
  • Sludge
  • Digestate
  • Feedstock
  • Industrial Waste
  • Food Manufacturing Waste
  • Paints / Chemicals

The Pipeliner provides you with a highly controllable cutting system, down to a very fine particle size to suit your application

  • up to 360 m3/hr
  • up to 6% dry solids
  • from -1 to +4 bar
  • easy to service and maintain

Click here for the Pipeliner detailed specification information

Pipeliner Macerator

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HVL Macerator

The HVL range of macerators provides efficient coarse maceration with a limited pumping capability, allowing

  • Up to 1.5 m3/hr solids processing per unit
  • Up to 65 m3/hr flow rate per unit
  • 1.2m total pumping head
  • Drives between 2.2 kW and 11 kW

The offline macerator provides a solution with

  • Exceptional robustness for critical systems
  • The capability to be mounted horizontally or verticaly
  • Coarse maceration to approx. 10mm in one dimension
  • Homogenous output, with solids agitated through the unit

The units can be mounted on a reception vessel or a concrete sump

Filtramatic Macerator

The filtramatic is a low cost pumping macerator suited for residential applications with exceptionally low power consumption.

  • Max Suction Lift 2m
  • Max Capacity 7640 l/hr
  • Drive options 0.75 kW / 1.1 kW
  • 30m total pumping head

Filtramatic Macerator

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Channel Flow Conditioner

The Channel Flow Conditioner macerates solids in an 'in-line' configuration, suited to being mounted in a channel  or pipeline.

This delivers

  • Controlled particle size processing
  • Max Flow Rate of 90 l/s
  • Ideal for remote sewage treatment works
  • Protects downstream equipment from blockages
  • Ideal for low average solids content

Please contact the team for further information on selecting the most suited product for your application.

Channel Flow Conditioner

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