Grit Systems

Grit Protection and Removal Systems

Removal of grit at the inlet is critical to significantly reducing wear on an entire treatment system.

Additionally removing as much grit as early in the inlet works as possible, usually in a staged fashion extends the lifespan of your screens, and if sufficiently clean can even be recycled for a number of other applications.

While a wide variety of systems are available to the industry, the solutions detailed here focus on the Inlet works and are designed to be compact, reliable, efficient and straightforward.

Automated and Manual systems are available depending on the cost-benefit of the particular scenario.

ACE Bandgritter

The ACE Bandgritter automatically removes stones and coarse grit from the process meduim flow

  • Designed for pipeline installation with flanged inlet and outlet connections
  • Floating debris remains in the flow for screening and treatment
  • A secondary washing system driven cleans the coarse grit and stones that are removed from the flow
  • The system operates off a single drive motor, keeping efficiencies high.
  • Wear on downstream process equipment is greatly reduced, delivering improved whole life costs to the rest of the treatment system,

The ACE Bandgritter can also be integrated into an ACE Inlet, or used to protect equipments from other manufacturers, particularly due to its low headloss and compact footprint.

ACE Bandgritter

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Fine Grit Module

Fine grit removal - automatic removal of fine from process medium.

  • Designed for pipeline installation with flanged inlet & outlet connections.
  • Flow is passed along a channel at a suitable velocity to drop out fine grit.
  • The channel is shaped to ensure the grit travels to the end of the channel where a grit pump is used to pump the grit in suspension to the required location, usually a grit dewaterer.
  • The process provides protection from the adverse effects of grit in flow, reducing wear and increasing the lifespan and performance of downstream processes.

An innovative, effective concept in a compact footprint.

Fine Grit Module

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ACE Gritter

Grit de-waterer designed to recieved grit pumped in suspension from the main process stream.

Flow enters the main reception chamber where grit is allowed to settle while the main stream flows over side weirs and is returned to the process stream

Once the grit pump stops delivering, a scraper arm deposits the grit into a discharge chte

Liquid drains out of the grit bulk back to the flow, allowing grit to be collected and processed in a dewatered state

  • Infrequent operation minimises wear and power consumption
  • Straightforward to maintain and operate
  • Components in contact with grit easy to replace
  • Energy efficient
  • Low feacal matter in processed grit

Launder Channel Stone and Grit Trap

Automated trap to collect stones and coarse grit contained within process solids.

  • Designed for launder channel installation with flanged inlet and outlet connections.
  • Integrated actuated penstocks
  • Integrated bypass channel for use while grit removal is in place

Standard capacity from 2 l/s to 40 l/s per launder trough.

Significantly improves downstream process reliability and lifespan.

Launder Channel Stone and Grit Trap

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Manual Stone and Grit Trap

A simple range of modules to collect stones and coarse grit for manual removal

Capacities from 2 l/s to 150 l/s per unit.

Designed for straightforward pipeline installation with flanged intlet and outlet connections.

Effluent velocity is slowed down as it passes through the module, settling out stones, coarse grit such that they can be periodically raked up a slope for disposal.

Simple method for protecting downstream equipment

Manual Stone and Grit Trap

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