Complete Inlet Works

Complete Prefabricated Inlet Works Systems

Building on a passion for Inlet Works and the years of experience, all the key elements of a small treatment works inlet are now available as a single plug-and-play system.

The strong reputation for delivery in this area is based around the popular ACE Screener Combined Screen and Screenings Handling System. By combining modules for storm screening, screening, screening handling and grit removal, Haigh has the know-how to provide packaged inlets suitable for almost any situation.

Removing grit from the start of the process, as well as incorporating optimised, proven hydraulics through the complete unit ensures that the risk to the customer is minimised wherever possible, both in the installation stages as well as the ongoing operation of the system.

ACE Inlets

Complete Inlet Solutions

  • Grit, Flow Control, Screening, Screenings Handling, Safety and Access, Pipework, Wiring and Controls
  • Simplified projects & design
  • Low risk solutions
  • All the performance benefits of Haigh equipment
  • Standardised modules
  • Left/Right handed versions up to 200 l/s

Performance & Environmental benefits

  • 94% volume reduction
  • Up to 80% screenings capture ratio
  • 40%+ dryness
  • Fine Grit removed
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Proven Integrated Lisep / Lipactors
  • Built in upstream grit protection and removal
  • Optimised process control
  • Performance tuned for best whole life cost and low carbon footprint
  • Clean screenings and low odour

Proven pre-packaged systems that have been assessed by the industry and comply with the latest WIMES standards, delivering significant tangible results to the customers and their operators.

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